Friday, February 29, 2008


Seton Hill Writer Maria V. Snyder talks about her new novel Fire Study and her PATH TO PUBLICATION today.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Seton Hill Writers News

#1: Two Seton Hill Writers made it to the final ballot for the Nebulas. Congratulations to Tobias Buckell, author of Ragamuffin and Nalo Hopkinson, author The New Moon's Arms.

#2: Michael Mehalek has a new flash story Tissue of Biblical Proportions up at The Write Way.

#3: Maria V. Snyder has posted her appearance schedule for the release of the third book in the Study Series, Fire Study.

#4: Congratulations to the 2006-2007 staff of Eye Contact, the literary-art magazine of Seton Hill University. They won a an ASPA Award for the Fall '06 - Spring '07 issue. Contributors included: Michael A. Arnzen, Jessica Braccio, Dante Ciolfi, Amanda Cochran, Lisa Cooper, Michael B. Diezmos, Melissa James Doll, Laura Fleming, Siena Frank, Shu-Hsin Kao, Karissa J. Kilgore, Marie Manski, Jason Jack Miller, Erin Mitchell, Rochelle Moore, Kim Pennesi, Adrea Peters, Juliann Picklo, Stephan Puff, Moira Richardson, Mike Rubino, Nora Thompson, and Erin Waite

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Monday, February 25, 2008

PA Waypoints Features MOON Pennsylvania Camping

A new website by Doug Good is featuring our outdoor guide MOON Pennsylvania Camping.
for BEST lettersMOON Pennsylvania Camping

PA Waypoints is compiling a database of waterfalls, overlooks, covered bridges, historical ruins, and geological formations within the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Robot Knows in SCIFAIKUEST

My joined haiku 'Robot Knows' is in Issue 19 (February 2008) of SCIFAIKUEST.

scifaikuest 19Scifaikuest 19

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Seton Hill Writers News

#1: Three Seton Hill Writers have made it to the final ballot for the 2007 Bram Stoker Awards:
FIRST NOVEL - THE HOLLOWER by Mary SanGiovanni (Leisure Books)
LONG FICTION - AFTERWARD,THERE WILL BE A HALLWAY by Gary Braunbeck (Five Strokes to Midnight)
ANTHOLOGY - FIVE STROKES TO MIDNIGHT edited by Gary Braunbeck and Hank Schwaeble (Haunted Pelican Press)
COLLECTION - PROVERBS FOR MONSTERS by Michael A. Arnzen (Dark Regions Press)

#2: Alum Rachael Pruitt's poem "Merlin" will be in Issue #12 of The Magazine of Historical and Speculative Fiction.

#3: Alums Natalie and Matt Duvall have a new writers website The Write Way. There is also an accompanying MySpace.

#4: Alum Penny Dawn's story "The Bridge to Brighton" received a great review at Two Lips Review. The story is part of her newly released collection from Amber Quill titled The Long Run.

#5: Alum Lee Allen Howard has a new website.

#6: Current student Glenn Garrabrant's band The Psycho Kid will be performing a free concert at Tiger O'Stylies on Friday, February 22 in Berwyn, IL.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008


Seton Hill Writer Penny Dawn talks about her new book The Long Run and her Path to Publication today.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Some Seton Hill Writer News

#1: The "In Your Write Mind" Conference sponsored by the Seton Hill WPF Alumni has its two Keynote Speakers - Ginjer Buchanan, Editor in Chief at Penguin Group USA and best-selling mystery and speculative fiction author J. A. Konrath. (Here's last year's PICK SIX with J. A. Konrath.) The conference will be June 27 - 29, 2008. More details as they come in.

#2: Horror Mall is streaming the "Psycho Hunter" track from Michael A. Arnzen's cd AUDIOVILE.

#3: Tammy Swoish's YA Novel Hot Scots, Castles, and Kilts was just released from Random House.

#4: The following Seton Hill horror writers made it on the 2007 Stoker Preliminary Ballot:
Michael A. Arnzen, Gary Braunbeck, and Mary SanGiovanni

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Monday, February 04, 2008


My new author series over at Heidi Ruby Miller (a.k.a. ambasadora) is called Paths to Publication and will bring back favorite writers with upcoming releases and showcase newer authors and their works.

Here's the premise:

Every writer follows her own path within the publishing industry, which makes for entertaining and inspiring stories off the page. Paths to Publication offers some of those unique perspectives. I hope it also gives us all comfort knowing that our journey as writers is not just the breaks we get, but also the opportunities we take.

First up is Ian Rogers with the release of his short story "Inheritor" in Issue #58 of Cemetery Dance, the Charles L. Grant Tribute Issue. Look for Ian on Wednesday, February 6.

Cemetery Dance_Ian Rogers_PathsIan Rogers' "Inheritor" in Cemetery Dance #58

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