Thursday, July 15, 2010

Seton Hill Writers Updates - July 2010

Here's the news from Seton Hill Writers for May, June, and July:

#1: Maria V. Snyder's novel Storm Glass is one of three finalists for a Prism Award in the Fantasy category. The first novel in the "Glass" series, Sea Glass, is the winner of the 2009 Annual Cover Contest in the Alternate Reality cover category. Also, her story "Mongrel" is part of the Running with the Pack anthology edited by Ekaterina Sedia and published through Prime Books. The anthology just received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly.

#2: Ellen Spain will be a Judge for the 2010 Young Voices Foundation Awards. She judged in 2009, as well. Also, Ellen is the new EPIC Secretary.

#3: W. D. Prescott joined Choate Road as a columnist (Prescott's Pulpit) and interviewer. Among his interviewees this fall are three Seton Hill WPF alums: Kate Martin, Calie Voorhis, and Laurie Alice Eakes.

#4: Timons Esaias read his award-winning poetry at the Hemingway's Summer Poetry Series this month in Oakland, Pittsburgh.

#5: Mike Arnzen and Diane Turnshek will be teaching at the ALPHA SF/F/H Workshop for Young Writers at the University of Pittsburgh's Greensburg Campus July 14 - 23.

#6: Natalie Duvall is in a competition to become the next columnist at Fine Living Lancaster. You can still vote through Friday, July 16, 2010.

#7: Christopher Paul Carey's story "A Kick in the Side" is part of the upcoming anthology The Worlds of Philip Jose Farmer Protean Dimensions. The story is set in the world of Farmer's Khokarsa series, the same one from The Song of Kwasin, the novel Carey co-wrote with Farmer.

#8: Seton Hill Writers who will be guests at Confluence 2010 in Pittsburgh include Gary A. Braunbeck, Lawrence C. Connolly, Timons Esaias, James Morrow, and Diane Turnshek.

#9: Patrick Picciarelli's short story "The Prince of Arthur Avenue" from the Bronx Noir anthology edited by S. J. Rozan was just made into a movie.

#10: Tim Waggoner has the Nekropolis blog for his new series about Matt Richter a zombie P.I. The first book is Nekropolis followed by Dead Streets.

#11: Damsels in Regress interview Kaye Dacus.

#12: Nicole Peeler joined Seton Hill University as a full-time faculty member this year.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vote for Natalie Duvall's Column at Fine Living Lancaster

Seton Hill Writer Natalie Duvall needs our help to be a columnist for Fine Living Lancaster.

Natalie Duvall

You can read part of her column Lancaster Three Ways and vote here:

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

2010 Seton Hill In Your Write Mind Conference and Retreat - Part 2

Thank you to Ellen Spain for these photos from Seton Hill's 2010 WPF In Your Write Mind Conference!

2010 SHUWPF Conference_Ellen, Ron, and Marge
Ellen Spain, Ron Shafer, and Marge Burke
Photo by Mary Cox

2010 SHUWPF Conference_Ellen and Lisa
Ellen Spain and Lisa Carino
Photo by Mary Cox

Agents and Editors Panel
2010 SHUWPF Conference_Agents and Editors Panel
Photo by Ellen Spain

Pitching to Annette Rogers of Poisoned Pen Press
2010 SHUWPF Conference_Ellen and Annette Rogers
Ellen Spain and Annette Rogers
Photo by Marge Burke

Lunch in the Seton Hill Dining Hall
2010 SHUWPF Conference_Lunch
Photo by Ellen Spain

Workshop by Tina Trevaskis of Samhain Publishing
2010 SHUWPF Conference_Trevaskis Workshop
Tina Trevaskis
Photo by Ellen Spain

Sunday Panel
2010 SHUWPF Conference_Sunday Panel
Photo by Ellen Spain

The Basket Raffle
2010 SHUWPF Conference_Basket Raffle
Ellen Spain
Photo by Ron Shafer

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Friday, July 02, 2010

2010 Seton Hill In Your Write Mind Conference and Retreat


WPF logo small

This June 150 writers gathered "on the Hill" for the combination of Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction MFA Residency and the 9th Annual Alumnae-sponsored WPF In Your Write Mind Conference and Retreat. Guests included New York Times Bestselling Author, Rambo-creator, and International Thriller Writers co-founder David Morrell, FinePrint Literary Agent Janet Reid, Poisoned Pen Press Acquisitions Editor Annette Rogers, Samhain Publishing Co. Director of Marketing and Sales Tina Trevaskis, and Dystel & Goderich Literary Agent Jim McCarthy.

2010 SHUWPF Conference_David Morrell
David Morrell
Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

2010 SHUWPF Conference_dinner
Sally Bosco, Meline Nadeau, Jason Jack Miller, Chris Stout, Natalie Duvall, and Matt Duvall
Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

2010 SHUWPF Conference _Maria and Heidi
Maria V. Snyder and Heidi Ruby Miller
Photo by Jason Jack Miller

2010 SHUWPF Conference_Mary and Natt
Mary Cox and Natalie Duvall
Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

2010 SHUWPF Conference_group
Judi Fleming, Meline Nadeau, Alexa Grave, Shelley Adina, Chris Stout, Deanna Lepsch, and Tina Trevaskis
Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

2010 SHUWPF Conference_Schmetzer and Mullig
Jason Schmetzer and Mike Brendan
Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

2010 SHUWPF Conference_trio
Donna Munro, Jason Jack Miller, and Matt Duvall
Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

2010 SHUWPF Conference_Danielle and Heidi
Danielle Hinesly and Heidi Ruby Miller
Photo by Jason Jack Miller

2010 SHUWPF Conference_Matalie
Matt and Natalie Duvall
Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

We also caught up with one of our undergrads, Stephanie Wytovich, who is taking our summer Creative Writing course at SHU on Writing Short Stories. She met two of the authors whose stories we're reading in class: David Morrell's "The Abelard Sanction" and Patrick Picciarelli's "The Prince of Arthur Avenue", which was just made into a movie.

2010 SHUWPF Conference_Pat
Zachery Anderson, Stephanie Wytovich, Patrick Picciarelli, and Jason Jack Miller
Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

And, we all had a good chat with a man who has taught all three of us a thing or two about writing, Tim Esaias.
2010 SHUWPF Conference_Tim
Timons Esaias, Stephanie Wytovich, Heidi Ruby Miller, and Jason Jack Miller
Photo by Zachery Anderson

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