Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Title

chunkingx: Can we call it the We're Write Your Wrong Writing Brigade of Seton Hillers?
jadeunicorn : lol
jadeunicorn : no
chunkingx: Too bad
chunkingx: I thought it was catchy
chunkingx: Team Strike Force Five!
jadeunicorn : Um that has not much to do with Seton or writing
jadeunicorn : Seriously now
chunkingx: Team Write Force Five?
jadeunicorn : Everything I think of sounds gay
jadeunicorn : where does the 5 come from?
chunkingx: Four would be too much like the fantastic four
jadeunicorn : Zombie Writers I'm sure you'd like (and we do end up as zombies during residency lol)
chunkingx: Yay
jadeunicorn : No numbers
jadeunicorn : Minority Bloggers of Seton Hill Unite?
jadeunicorn : no doesn't sound right
jadeunicorn : Something about us being few compared to all the live journal brats
chunkingx: Needs to be catchy like Titans Go!
jadeunicorn : lol
chunkingx: But if we ever become the majority we would suck
chunkingx: We should be like the Bolshavics and say we are the majority
chunkingx: The Seton Majority
jadeunicorn : No
chunkingx: Arnzen's Army?
chunkingx: The Esaias Elite?
jadeunicorn : lol
chunkingx: Toblin Twosome?
chunkingx: Wendland Wussies?
jadeunicorn : Seton Hill Writers That Blog (Instead of all that Live Journal hooey)
chunkingx: We sound so serious and snobby
jadeunicorn : hehe
jadeunicorn : okay we can change hooey
jadeunicorn : to a diffent word
chunkingx: Chicken Juice
chunkingx: Hey.. how about Blogs are Better?
jadeunicorn : I'd have to figure out a good blogger skin
jadeunicorn : No, that doesn't include writing
chunkingx: We can't fill all the required info with one title, unless it's super long
chunkingx: And if we are going for a super long one I say we go with the We're Write one
jadeunicorn : Heh
chunkingx: Okay... how about.. Cry Havoc! and Let Slip the Blogs of Writing!
chunkingx: I think Bloggerati has been taken
jadeunicorn : um
chunkingx: Um... would be a good title too I can do Um
jadeunicorn : heh
jadeunicorn : I think it would be best to do it on a separate account - or could I do it on mine and add moderators?
chunkingx: Keep the same account
chunkingx: So far we only know of two bloggers
jadeunicorn : lol
jadeunicorn : We still need a title
chunkingx: Write-tastic?
jadeunicorn : It's step 2
jadeunicorn : No
jadeunicorn : we're not having a mirror of Cuntastic
jadeunicorn : Chuntastic*
chunkingx: lol!!!!
chunkingx: We arn't doing a porn blog
jadeunicorn : We're Write Your Wrong Writing Brigade of Seton Hillers - I might be able to work with this one, but I think it needs some tweaking
jadeunicorn : sigh
chunkingx: Yay
chunkingx: Go change it but keep it long becuase I like it long
chunkingx: Longer the better
jadeunicorn : lol
jadeunicorn : We're Write, You're Wrong, Bloggers of Seton Hill
chunkingx: We're Write You're Wrong Creative Writing Brigade of Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction Bloggers
jadeunicorn : lmao
jadeunicorn : I don't like Brigade
chunkingx: Wer're Write, You're Wrong Blogging Brigade of Seton Hill
chunkingx: No brigade?
jadeunicorn : no brigade
chunkingx: Boo
chunkingx: Havent you ever seen upright citizens brigade?
jadeunicorn : No
jadeunicorn : We're Write, You're Wrong - Asylum of Seton Hill Bloggers
chunkingx: Okay lets go with that
jadeunicorn : hehe
jadeunicorn : I like the asylum - I'm proud of myself for that one
chunkingx: And no one else can change the title
jadeunicorn : Nope
jadeunicorn : If they do we'll kill them
jadeunicorn : We are sociopaths after all


At 5:41 AM, Blogger Diana said...

Hey - add me, guys!

At 5:57 AM, Anonymous Judi said...

Me too!

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feel free to add me as well:

- Aaron

At 4:21 PM, Blogger Alexa said...

I sent all three of you invites, and I see two of you have already accepted them!

Aaron - I got your e-mail off of last January's e-mail list, so if it's changed, let me know (do you keep the contact list on the Seton Hill boards up to date?).

Diana and Judi - feel free to start posting in the actual blog at any time!

At 5:22 PM, Anonymous Amanda said...

Add me too!

At 12:20 AM, Blogger Paul Tillison said...

Don't you dare add me unless it's to Cuntastic... Damn that was a good laugh.. Thanks

At 8:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I got it, I missed it in the mass of SPAM. Try ibarman {AT} HOTMAIL [dot] com

At 3:32 PM, Blogger Alexa said...

Invite sent to Amanda and a new one sent to Aaron! If you two for some reason don't receive them, e-mail me (the e-mail on the Seton Hill Contact page for the discussion boards is fine, or off my personal blog).

-Alexa (Lori)


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