Friday, December 03, 2010

Seton Hill Writers in Eye Contact - Winter 2010

Eye Contact

Filled with death, loss, and mourning, this was a beautifully dark issue of Eye Contact, appropriate as we come close to the winter solstice.

Here is a peek at the table of contents:

Eyes by Patrick Schober
Bloom by Passion Hannah
Aquila by Christine Telfer
Living Grace by Maddie Gillespie
Memorial by Stephanie Pikula
Kalina by Molly Follmer
Sounds in the Jungle by Heidi Ruby Miller
Tá Mé I Ngrá Leat by Lyndsey Basham
Lesson by Judith R. Robinson
Wave Swinger by Jason Jack Miller
The Man on Clipper Street by Patrick Schober
The Shorts Have Eyes by Matthew Duvall
Eye Spy by Aja Hannah
Cinderella by Stephanie Wytovich
Uh-Oh by Lyndsey Basham
Origami Moons by Penny Dawn
Dear Summer by Carissa Altizer
Dock by Alex Lowe
Visiting Campus Seven Years Later by Joe Kaldon
Clockwork by Meg Mims

The faculty advisor for Eye Contact is Timons Esaias.

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