Monday, September 19, 2005

Spammers Out In Force

What is it? Are people just more bored than usual lately? Two spam comments on this blog and I had two spam comments on my own blog.

Good thing there is the power to delete, but still, you wonder, do these people not have lives, and do they really think spamming blogs is going to get them anywhere? Stupid people.

End rant.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Stop Death Tax Repeal: Is this the time for a tax cut?

Sorry but I'm on a rant and want to spread the word. This will take just a moment of your time:

Email your senator and stop the vote. Decisions are made by those who show up. It's time for ALL OF US to show up and demand that logic, not greed, rule the day:


Senate Finance Committee members were informed this morning that Sen. Bill Frist will move forward with a vote to permanently repeal the estate tax next week, likely on Tuesday, ThinkProgress has learned.

One stands in awe of Sen. Frist's timing. Permanently repealing the estate tax would be a major blow to the nation's charities. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has "found that the estate tax encourages wealthy individuals to donate considerably more to charity , since estate tax liability is reduced through donations made both during life and at death." If there were no estate tax in 2000, for example, "charitable donations would have been between $13 billion to $25 billion lower than they actually were."

ADDED: Take a moment to read this Newsweek article: A Colossal Failure of Leadership. You'll note a mention of the death tax repeal at the bottom of the article. Mind you, it's the ONLY mention I've found on any major media sites today.