Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seton Hill Writers News for January 2010

In no particular order...

#1: Seton Hill Alum and Mentor Nalo Hopkinson was interviewed by Nick Liptak in The Book Bench section of The New Yorker online. She discusses her books and her fabric designs.

She is also the Guest of Honor for the 31st Annual International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, which will take place March 17-21, 2010, at the Orlando Airport Marriott, Orlando, Florida.

#2: Seton Hill Humanities Chair and Mentor Michael A. Arnzen and Alum Michael Mehalek became members of Pennwriters.

#3: An article about Seton Hill Mentor Anne Harris's alter-ego Jessica Freely is up at The Advocate.

#4: New York Times Bestselling Author and Seton Hill Mentor Tobias S. Buckell is the Guest of Honor at Context in Columbus, OH, this year: August 27 - 29, 2010.

#5: Seton Hill Alums Matt Duvall and Natalie Duvall offer tips on "How to Get Your Heroine Out of a Headlock" and other fight scene scenarios at Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal.

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