Saturday, July 30, 2005

Post Deadline Day

I normally like to take the day off after the deadline. All I did was watch TV, sleep, and go to the store. Does anyone do anything similar or is it just me?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Looks aren't everything

But I hope all of you like what I did with the color scheme and font style of our blog. :) If you have any issues, problems, or things you would like to see changed/added, just let me know. I'm done playing around with the blogskin until someone complains. :p

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Con News

I'm a sleepy little boy but I thought I would get some Robert Jordan news out on the web before I fall asleep. So far from the panel I was in it seems Jordan plans to finish his Wheel of Time series with 12 even if he has to go to 1700 pages on the last one. Also he plans to start another book and he says he will try to keep it to under two trilogies. Happy writing all. Chun out.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Blogger Feeds to Live Journal

Take a peek at this. See if you think it would be worth setting up. There seems to be a similiar option on LJ - I can't really think about it even until I finish my 1st draft but I DO think we can get these two blogs (blogspot and LJ) to cross feed to each other. Wouldn't that be fun?

OK - off to bed and to watch Patrick Stewart as Henry II in LION IN WINTER.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Chirp chirp

So, Chun and I start this, and everyone's all quiet. Are bloggers more quiet by nature compared to ljers? I wonder. This makes me wish I would have copy and pasted the Zombie Fish conversation Chun and I had last night (in regards to my 12-year-old goldfish).

I hope to play around with the template today or tomorrow, so it looks nicer than the current one and so I can post links (including a link to the lj people). I think it would be cool to have links to our personal blogs or websites. Just let me know if you want a link added.

Any other recommendations are welcome. :) Oh, and I currently have invites out to Aaron, Amanda, and Alex. Just let me know if for some reason that you never received an invite! Spam filters can be a PITA sometimes.

Happy writing all!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Cons

So who is going to where and when? I'm planning on going to Comic-con in Sandy Eggo next week and looking forward to it something awful. It's a giant fan con but there will be some writing stuff there as well (this is how I can excuse myself for buying a ticket to California), and Ray Bradbury and Robert Jordan will also be there.

So tell us about your con plans. Maybe we can have a WPF representation in all the major cons.

The Title

chunkingx: Can we call it the We're Write Your Wrong Writing Brigade of Seton Hillers?
jadeunicorn : lol
jadeunicorn : no
chunkingx: Too bad
chunkingx: I thought it was catchy
chunkingx: Team Strike Force Five!
jadeunicorn : Um that has not much to do with Seton or writing
jadeunicorn : Seriously now
chunkingx: Team Write Force Five?
jadeunicorn : Everything I think of sounds gay
jadeunicorn : where does the 5 come from?
chunkingx: Four would be too much like the fantastic four
jadeunicorn : Zombie Writers I'm sure you'd like (and we do end up as zombies during residency lol)
chunkingx: Yay
jadeunicorn : No numbers
jadeunicorn : Minority Bloggers of Seton Hill Unite?
jadeunicorn : no doesn't sound right
jadeunicorn : Something about us being few compared to all the live journal brats
chunkingx: Needs to be catchy like Titans Go!
jadeunicorn : lol
chunkingx: But if we ever become the majority we would suck
chunkingx: We should be like the Bolshavics and say we are the majority
chunkingx: The Seton Majority
jadeunicorn : No
chunkingx: Arnzen's Army?
chunkingx: The Esaias Elite?
jadeunicorn : lol
chunkingx: Toblin Twosome?
chunkingx: Wendland Wussies?
jadeunicorn : Seton Hill Writers That Blog (Instead of all that Live Journal hooey)
chunkingx: We sound so serious and snobby
jadeunicorn : hehe
jadeunicorn : okay we can change hooey
jadeunicorn : to a diffent word
chunkingx: Chicken Juice
chunkingx: Hey.. how about Blogs are Better?
jadeunicorn : I'd have to figure out a good blogger skin
jadeunicorn : No, that doesn't include writing
chunkingx: We can't fill all the required info with one title, unless it's super long
chunkingx: And if we are going for a super long one I say we go with the We're Write one
jadeunicorn : Heh
chunkingx: Okay... how about.. Cry Havoc! and Let Slip the Blogs of Writing!
chunkingx: I think Bloggerati has been taken
jadeunicorn : um
chunkingx: Um... would be a good title too I can do Um
jadeunicorn : heh
jadeunicorn : I think it would be best to do it on a separate account - or could I do it on mine and add moderators?
chunkingx: Keep the same account
chunkingx: So far we only know of two bloggers
jadeunicorn : lol
jadeunicorn : We still need a title
chunkingx: Write-tastic?
jadeunicorn : It's step 2
jadeunicorn : No
jadeunicorn : we're not having a mirror of Cuntastic
jadeunicorn : Chuntastic*
chunkingx: lol!!!!
chunkingx: We arn't doing a porn blog
jadeunicorn : We're Write Your Wrong Writing Brigade of Seton Hillers - I might be able to work with this one, but I think it needs some tweaking
jadeunicorn : sigh
chunkingx: Yay
chunkingx: Go change it but keep it long becuase I like it long
chunkingx: Longer the better
jadeunicorn : lol
jadeunicorn : We're Write, You're Wrong, Bloggers of Seton Hill
chunkingx: We're Write You're Wrong Creative Writing Brigade of Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction Bloggers
jadeunicorn : lmao
jadeunicorn : I don't like Brigade
chunkingx: Wer're Write, You're Wrong Blogging Brigade of Seton Hill
chunkingx: No brigade?
jadeunicorn : no brigade
chunkingx: Boo
chunkingx: Havent you ever seen upright citizens brigade?
jadeunicorn : No
jadeunicorn : We're Write, You're Wrong - Asylum of Seton Hill Bloggers
chunkingx: Okay lets go with that
jadeunicorn : hehe
jadeunicorn : I like the asylum - I'm proud of myself for that one
chunkingx: And no one else can change the title
jadeunicorn : Nope
jadeunicorn : If they do we'll kill them
jadeunicorn : We are sociopaths after all

First Post

This is mostly a test. Hehe. Welcome to the new blog for Seton Hill's Writing Popular Fiction Program!

Okay, the template is a blogger one, but when I find time to play with it, I promise it will look better.

End test.